The inspiration comes from the colours, sensations and emotions that the lands of southern Africa are able to offer: From Botswana, passing through the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to arrive at the vineyards of South Africa and Cape Town.
The incredible light of the sky, pink at dawn and sunset, the golden sun and its bronze reflection on the water of the streaked Chobe river, the mud and the water in which the elephants play, the lanterns, the chairs and deckchairs camp mounted at the moment in the forest, such dense herds of zebras that they transform into an optical black and white effect. The rusty-red earth.
Based on these ideas, recoded in a modern language and a dry style, the Collection, profoundly distant from an ethnic language, evokes with its warm tones and light shapes the idea of traveling to distant lands, for the benefit of "urban nomadism ” typical contemporary, where you are often forced to move, and the pieces of furniture, light and easily transportable, can easily follow you. the essential and dry is similar to the personality of revolution.

Chobe table
Zebra Sofa
Victoria Lamp
sandy circle/square – table lamp
clifton 1 – day bed
clifton 2 – arm chair
CLIFTON3 – Chair
clifton 4 – stool
strand – arm chair
strand – long chair
stellenbosch – small table
Work in progress