It's the seductive Lisbon! City of sea, land and culture, it is a subject of research and a source of profound reflections. Light, surfaces, wind, sociality, history and culture. These are the themes we focused on to identify a place full of suggestions. The roofs of the city seen from above. The lively sociality that animates the maze of alleys of the Barrio Alto. The warm and dazzling light of the ocean admired by the miradouros. The ever-present wind that accompanies with its sound to the nearby beaches of Caparica. The evocative power of a desk in Fernando Pessoa's house in the center of Lisbon.

(my) LISBONSTORY is a collection created in the shades of the sky (blue linen and enamel) and the earth (leather and wood) typical of the Portuguese capital. Brass is always present, as the DNA of Revolution furniture.

As in the previous collections (RA, inspired by trips to Africa and RO, inspired by trips to the East) also in the RL collection the focus is on the theme of memory which is transformed into design inspiration.

The collection includes 5 pieces: the TELHADOS coffee table in wood and leather composed of 8 elements that can be assembled together in various ways, the LISBOA chair with a slim image but solid structure in brass and leather, the MIRADOUROS lamp/screen with light management via App, The CAPARICA wireless rechargeable lamp conceived as a windsock, the PESSOA desk with brass top.